Wednesday, December 19, 2007

JR's Christmas Par-tay

Today was JR's Christmas Party at school. I'm the homeroom mom, so obviously I was supposed to be there, but since I couldn't go I sent 2 grandmothers and dad in my place. Jason, Maw-Maw, and Granny Buffie all helped out at the party today, and from what I hear it was very nice, but a lot of work. The kids had stations where they got to play bingo, decorate a cookie, and make a Christmas tree ornament. JR also came home with a sack full of Christmas/Hanukah/Kwanzaa crafts (thank goodness they were mostly Christmas… Hanukah and Kwanzaa crafts don’t really go with all my Christmas trees). They also had one tiny page on Ramadan, which I told JR we could "just skip over that one." JR spent some time tonight explaining to Jason what you do with a dradle, especially since Jason thought you used a dradle to celebrate Kwanzaa. Jason was nice enough to take a few pictures and videos for me so here they are...
Here's the class singing. Yes, that is MY child wearing the Santa hat. He picked it out last night to wear today, and the teacher said he had worn it all day. It was a big decision as to whether he was going to wear the reindeer ears or the Santa hat.

This is Logan, JR, and Mateo making their Christmas tree ornaments. The school gave them all the Christmas head bands, and as you can see, Logan and Mateo have taken theirs off, JR on the other hand, is wearing his...on top of the Santa hat...I just can't imagine where he gets it from? ;-)

Here's Maw-Maw helping JR with his ornament. My poor mom just thought she was finished giving Christmas parties when she retired!


Kristi said...

How fun!!! That tall kid really sticks out, doesn't he?

Anonymous said...

Those kids were so good at their party. I guess the whole class had been threatened with calls to Santa like J R had been.