Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Baby Talk: We're Going to School!

Kyle: We told Mommy that's it's not fair that JR gets to go to school everyday and we can't go.
Reed: Yeah! No fair!
K: So, she told us that she knew a thing or two about teaching, and that she would be more than happy to play school with us.
R: I loved school! Here's how our first day of school went...

K: First, we had centers. We went to the toy animal center where we learned about tigers and lions.
R: We also had a lesson on sharing since we seemed to always want the same animal.

R: Next was gross motor. JR says gross motor is one of his favorites.
K: I practiced my log rolls.

R: And since my gross motor skills are more advanced, I worked on my baby push-ups and crawling.

K: After gross motor, it was story time.

R: I picked out Bear Loves Bedtime.

K: And I chose, Bear Loves Colors.

R: Then it was time for recess.
K: JR says he runs around and plays with his friends at recess.
R: I think Mommy got confused. She got the taking us outside part right, but then she strapped us down and strolled us around.
K: We'll just have to explain to her that she did recess wrong.
R: Yeah, do that crying thing you do...she falls for that everytime!

K: We came in from recess and had our snack. I told Mommy that JR gets goldfish crackers at snack time.
R: But she told us we don't have enough teeth to eat goldfish.

K: After snack was nap time.
R: JR doesn't have nap time this year.
K: Too bad, nap time was one of my favorite parts of school!

R: We had a special program when we woke up from nap. Mommy brought in a petting zoo! Here I am with a lamb.
K: Dude! That's not a lamb! It's Hunter...he's here all the time.

R: We finished off the day with math.
K: Mommy's not so good at math, so I think she put it at the end of the day on purpose, secretly hoping we'd run out of time.

R: I think she did a pretty good job, we talked about shapes.
K: And we counted, and talked about biggest to smallest.

We loved our first day of school!


Anonymous said...

Looks to me like school was a huge success - next thing you know, they're going to be wanting back packs! And I agree, Reed, Hunter could be easily mistaken for a lamb.

Anonymous said...

What a curriculum. My favorite is the math class. Maw-maw

Kristi said...

Very cute.
I wish my school had nap time.

Anonymous said...

Love it! and I agree with Kristi--wish my school had nap time. And the petting zoo was too cute.