Thursday, August 21, 2008

Traveling Ingys Get Some Culture, Y'all!

The Traveling Ingys have made it out of Texas, and we're doing some high-falutin', fancy pants stuff. My buddy Joseph Roberts (those of you who know me, know him as J.D., but his professional name is Joseph, so I'll go with that) is making his way in the world of opera. Yes, can you believe it? I'm actually friends with an opera singer. I'm thinking that fact alone would make me a shoo-in for the Junior League. Anyway, The Traveling Ingys were out in high style and sophistication when we went to Minneapolis to visit The Minnesota Opera Company. And it was first class for us all the way, baby, since we were hanging out with a future Minneapolis celebrity. It was none other than the new Associate Conductor of the opera. Oh yes, that's right....Joseph's friend, Clinton, is the new Associate Conductor of The Minnesota Opera Company. So here we are atop the opera building overlooking Minneapolis, and also inside.

Oh! And a big shout out to the Greseth Family...We can't talk about Minnesota without thinking of the family on Granny Sherry's side. Of course if we real Ingys had been there we certainly would have swung by to say hello!


Anonymous said...

Cute picture, JD . Hello and wish we could see you. From Windy Hill

Anonymous said...

Well, as high falutin' as you were in all your roust abouts in MSP, I'll bet the whole Greseth family heard you were in town - that kind of news travels fast!!!

Anonymous said...

Greetings from the Greseth Clan in MINNESOTA!! Now you know what a fabulous state we live in, so stop by some time when you're back in the area!!!

JoAnn and Jerry (Jason's aunt and uncle in Rochester, MN)