Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Thief In Our Midst

Just when I was getting used to the idea that the twins were becoming mobile, now I'm hit with the realization that I'll soon have to start policing baby skirmishes. Seems we have a thief in out midst...and it's not who you think. Being an only child I have a lot to learn about sibling relationships, but it was always my understanding that the big one always beat up the little one. Well, not in our house. Using covert video surveillance, night vision technology, and a high-speed digital camera we have discovered Reed taking pure pleasure in making Kyle cry. Let's take a look at the evidence.

Both babies are peaceful knowing I'm watching them. Reed even leans away from Kyle, as if to say, "I'm not interested in anything he's got."

While Kyle lies peacefully on his back, Reed scouts the area to see if this is a good time to make his move.

Kyle awakens, sensing someone approaching.

Reed scoots closer to his target.

Reed's got him right where he wants him, only a few more inches to go....

Got it! The pacifier is out...Repeat, the pacifier has been stolen.

Kyle breaks into loud wails, knowing it will bring Mommy running to recover his stolen treasure.

Jury, Our evidence shows, without a doubt, that Reed is guilty of thinking his little game of "take Kyle's pacifier and watch him cry" is hilarious. Verdict : Everybody gets a pacifier. Kyle gets one to use, and Reed gets one to play with. Case closed. One sibling crisis solved....millions more to go.


Anonymous said...

That's funny. Just wait until they touch something of JR's. Wailing and gnashing of teeth all around. Maw-maw

Anonymous said...

Well, again you have left me rolling with laughter - the fun begins!!!!!

Cute outfits - GS