Monday, August 18, 2008

Ingy Olympics

We all went to the pool yesterday so JR could met up with his friend, Evan. The entire time we were there JR and Evan jumped off the high dive and the little dive (as they were calling it). JR would call out, "I'm going to do a roll in the air!" (Which translated from JR speak to English means, "I'm going to do a flip.") He would then jump straight into the water, arms and legs flailing about and screaming at the top of his lungs. I asked Jason, "Do you think he thinks he's doing a flip" Jason said, "Knowing him, probably so." After a while, a guy showed up who really did know how to do "rolls in the air" and all other sorts of dives, including the one that starts off in a handstand. JR and Evan were mesmerized, and after every dive/trick the guy did JR would holler out, "I'm going to do that in the Olympics! I'm going to do that one in the Olympics!" Finally the guy missed one and landed in the water on his back. Not skipping a beat JR screamed, "I'm NOT doing THAT one in the Olympics!" So, this morning I let the kids have a mini-Olympics, dressed in Chinese PJ's as a nod to Beijing. (Thanks for the PJ's, Katie.) So, without further ado...The Ingy Olympics....

Here we have Team Ingersoll at the Opening Ceremonies. One thing we've learned about Team Ingersoll is that it is impossible to take a picture with everybody's eyes open, or without Reed looking terrified.

Our first event of the day is Insane Gyrating. JR will be performing a routine with a 7.0 difficulty rating. His routine includes moves of shaking, dancing, and karate kicks at the same time. This takes years of training to achieve. Look how his hands move so quickly they only appear as blurs on film. JR has persisted in his training, even as his mom and dad have time and again told him to "Stop and Calm Down".

Let's switch over to the Living Room Nest where we've got quite a race going on. We've just started the finals of the Men's 200m Bouncy Chair Rock. As you can see ,Kyle (in white), is off to a great start. See how his left leg is extended high in the air, while he keeps his arms close to his body. This makes him quite aerodynamic and can really get that chair rocking. Reed on the other hand, isn't having a good day. He seems to be freezing up, and only able to suck his thumb. That's a tough break for Reed, hopefully he can overcome his nerves, as he's a favorite in some of our later events.

Back to the Ingy National Bedroom Stadium we see JR finishing up his Floor Exercise routine. It looks like he's nailed his last move! A forward roll! Can you believe it! The crowd is going wild. He's stuck the landing! He's stuck the landing!

We've talked with Reed and he says he's had some time to mentally prepare himself for his next event. If we only knew what was going through that head of his. Here he goes...Will it be a gold for Reed in Men's Toe in the Mouth Freestyle? He's done it! Toe directly in the mouth! Now we just have to wait for the judges scores...

Here we are in the Hallway Cube as Kyle prepares for the Men's 400m Tijuana Taxi Sprint. It looks like he may be a little distracted by something. Can we zoom in on that? Yes, it appears Kyle may be distracted by an Eeyore toy located on the Tijuana Taxi. Let's just hope this doesn't blow his chance at getting on the podium.

Over at the Living Room Nest, Reed has a big lead on the competition in the Men's 800m Obstacle Crawl. This one is really tricky. He's going to have to crawl around the Living Room Nest without stopping to chew on the toys located strategically around the room, let's watch and see if he can do it!

It's time for our final and most exciting event. The Men's 50m Freestyle Drink...Also known as the "Drink and Dash". Both Kyle and Reed are looking good. Who will finish their bottle first. We can only wait and see....

It's Reed! He's done it! With a celebratory throw of his bottle, he's won the gold medal. What a day! After a disappointing start in the 200m Bouncy Chair Rock, he's come back to finish the day with a gold in the Drink and Dash! What an exciting day it's been!


Anonymous said...

Why ever would I want to watch the stuff they are showing on TV when we get our own personal show with our favorite team!!! I'll bet the opening ceremonies were high above any expectations.

From an unbiased fan....GS

Anonymous said...

Bravo to the Ingy Olympics. Now if we can just get those endorsements rolling in!! Maw-maw

Anonymous said...

Hey Jan, I love the Ingy Olympics. I haven't watched much of the events, due to being out of town. However now I don't need to watch NBC, the Ingy Olympics were the best. And your commentary is fantastic--sounds like you have seen a few moments of the Beijing event. Lu