Friday, August 29, 2008

The Pledge, The Bible, and Juice

We all know how JR has a real problem learning people's names. I thought he would be getting better at it, but his Chinese-ness is still holding on strong. Everyday when I pick him up from school I ask him if he learned anybody's name, and he's given me the same two names 8 days in row. I was hoping for a breakthrough yesterday when I saw one of his classmates getting in trouble. JR loves it when somebody besides himself is in trouble, and he loves to tattle, so I thought this was the day I'd learn a new name. The following is our conversation:

Me: JR, What's the kid's name that was getting in trouble?
JR: Which kid?
Me: The one sitting next to you, the one getting in trouble.
JR: Oh, I don't know. He holds the bible.
(I thought that comment was pretty funny, so I just had to ask....)
Me: Do you have to hold the bible if you're bad?
JR: No, he holds it so we can say the pledge.
Me: You pledge the bible? How does it go?
JR: Attention. Salute. Pledge....ummm, that's all I know.
Me: Do you pledge the flag too?
JR: Yes. The God flag, the Texas flag, and the other flag.
Me: So, you don't know the kid's name that holds the bible?
JR: No. But guess what? I'm in charge of juice.

So I didn't learn any new names, but at least I know JR's in charge of juice.


Me Me Me said...

Being in charge of juice is a very important post! Way to go JR!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds an awful like some conversations I used to have many years ago with his father - however, he would aften add "I don't want to talk about it". Seems I may have heard that same comment from JR?