Monday, June 9, 2014

What the Kids Were Doing

While I was in Dallas, JR was with my parents, and Kyle and Reed went to Jason's new deer lease.
Jason called me on Saturday and reported that Kyle had "burned himself in the fire, gotten in a fire ant bed, and cut himself with a knife." I told Jason that maybe he might want to "watch Kyle".
Even with all the "injuries" the boys couldn't have had more fun.
Here are two of the pictures Jason sent me.
Now, I normally wouldn't post these, but both of them have a look of sheer joy on their faces.
I'm going to warn you there's a dead rabbit in the pictures, so if that's something you don't want to see, stop reading here and come back tomorrow.
The text I got said "Big kill for the weekend".
Just look at those smiles, I'd say they were loving it.

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Angie Vik said...

I'm not so fond of dead rabbits, but I enjoy your son's smiles and energy. Looks like they made some good memories.