Friday, June 13, 2014

They're Crafty

I guess it makes sense that Reed loves crafts, but I still find it funny how much Kyle loves them too.
They are always begging me to do crafts with them, and I promised myself I would try to do some easy ones with them this summer.
We happened upon a tooth pillow kit on the clearance rack at Hobby Lobby and so they each made a tooth pillow.  This one was right up my alley because all the pieces were pre-cut.  I just had to help them sew a little.  Not sure Kyle has many more teeth to put in his (I swear that kid has lost almost all of them) but Reed will have plenty since he still hasn't had one fall out on its own.

We also did a perler bead craft.  This required complete adult help.
(Actually 2 adults, my mom and I both had to help on this one.)
After they finished making their animals I threw everything else away as I don't want anybody asking to make anything related to these little beads again.
Kyle with his cat.
Reed with his dog.
We got a package of Presto Dots in the art basket we bought at the JDRF fundraiser. 
Reed calls it "clay-dough" and was able to make something similar to the picture on the box without my assistance...which is the best kind of craft there is!
Reed keeps begging for canvases, so I see a big art project in our future.
I'll keep you updated.

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