Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My Aqua Duck

Kyle also really enjoyed the kids' club (here he is after Toy Story boot camp with the green army men) but he spent most of his cruise in the water.

 He went from the Donald pool to the Mickey pool all day long.
On the Mickey slide
Snorkeling at Castaway Cay.
(BTW, Bringing our own snorkels and having them practice before we left was the best thing I could have done!)
The slide at Castaway Cay
But he said his very favorite thing was the Aqua Duck.
Here is a section of it. (It circles around the pool area, so it finishes back below where it starts. You're looking at the start.)

We checked out the Aqua Duck online before we left, and it said you had to be 7. 
We had already cried and gotten out all our tears about not being able to do it before we left.
But when we got there, Kyle marched right up to the lifeguard in charge and found out if you weren't 7 it was a height requirement (which they met). 
He came back with an arm band and told us all he needed to ride was a parent to do it with him. 
Needless to say, Jason and I rode the Aqua Duck many, many times. 
Here's Jason and Kyle on one of their many rides.

Kyle and JR are both really good about not being shy around adults.  Neither of them have any fear of asking questions or talking to people in "authority". 
Because of this, we put Kyle in charge of ordering all our room service.
(We found we usually needed a snack while getting ready for our 6:15 show to tide us over until our 8:15 dinner seating...cause, ya know, eating all day long hadn't filled us up yet.)
Here he is ordering up some chicken strips.
 A little after-swim room service on the balcony.
Kyle was the least interested in the characters of anybody, but his eyes lit up when we just happen to see Phineas and Ferb. 
He gave them both huge hugs and asked, "Where's Perry?!"  I was glad he got to see them.
We also saw Captain Hook one night. I'm not sure Kyle even knew who he was.
Yes, my little "aqua duck" certainly enjoyed himself.

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