Sunday, July 6, 2014


If you've been following me for a while then you know that last year I finally gave up trying to win the bicycle decorating contest for 4th of July and we put all our decorating eggs in one basket and went all out for the float (and we won).
This year I decided to give the bicycle another try, mainly due to my dad's new tricycle he got for his birthday. 
 I mean, how can an adult-size tricycle not win?
Well, apparently, I was right, cause it was a first place victory, baby!
 The theme was "Star Spangled 4th" and my mom and I pulled this one together, and yes, those are all individually tied red, white, and blue strips (they're plastic table cloths).  It really didn't take as long as you'd think. We didn't start until after 7 the night before, and I was totally done by 11. 
Reed made the flag (my mom made the letters).  If you look closely, there's 10 extra stars. I told him it was fine...his flag is ready in case we decide to add some more states anytime soon.
Here he comes down the parade route.
And there he goes.
We spent even less time on our float.
It was my mom's idea to use their choir boys that are Christmas decorations, but once we added a little 4th of July decor to them, you'd never know they are for Christmas.
My dad pulled the decorating together on this one. 
My mom made the sign, and the boys and I hung flags and stars. Jason drove.
Here they come.
1st place ribbon for the bike and 25 bucks for the winning float.
So with this win, I am officially and totally redeemed in bikes...which means I am officially and totally done with bikes. 
(Floats are way easier!)

Truth be told, JR was way more impressed getting to meet a WWII veteran than winning a ribbon for a bike his mom decorated.  (He does make me proud.)

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