Thursday, March 5, 2015

No Fights Broke Out This Time

So I was wrong in my last post, there are a few things that go on in March that aren't rodeo related.
Last night we went to The Rockets game.
These two watch Rockets games on TV, so they know all the players and have lots to talk about and discuss during the game.  Jason and I....not so much.  

I've always said JR is the best person to take to any event (sporting, theater, whatever).  He takes everything (and I mean everything) so personally, that he really gets into it. (He was literally sweating from cheering at one point.) I'm quite sure James Harden and Patrick Beverley actually heard him screaming for them.

This was his reaction when they showed on the big screen that Andre Johnson was there watching the game.  I'm pretty sure that's the same face I made when I went to the New Kids on The Block concert in 1989.
The Rockets were winning the whole game, then couldn't make a shot in the 4th quarter.  They tied it back up, but then lost in the last 10th of a second.  Just look at JR, that's a tear-stained, forced-smiled face for sure.

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