Monday, March 23, 2015


So yes, spring break came to an end yesterday, but guess what else did?
The rodeo.
The Houston rodeo is 20 days and we went to 6 of them.
Enjoy this next section of pictures, which is basically a bunch of selfies of Jason and me.
(And if you're wondering why some are in the car...there's a lot of traffic to get to the rodeo, so it gave us something to do.)
Rodeo #1- Miranda Lambert.  She's skinner and shorter than you think she is.

Rodeo #2- Fall Out Boy. 
This is the Houston rodeo mascot.  If you can't tell, he's an "H" wearing a hat.

Rodeo #3- Zac Brown Band.
Rodeo #4- Pitbull. He was fantastic!!!
You can imagine the dancing on my part.
(Jason even admitted he knew all the songs and the show was "good.")

Rodeo #5- Florida Georgia Line
Rodeo #6 was last night, the final night, and it was Luke Bryan.
Luke, along with Miranda Lambert, were my other favorites.  Say what you will about Luke Bryan (he definitely shakes his bootie for the girls) but he can sing. He did lots of acapella arrangements, and his voice sounds just like it does on the radio.
Until next year HLSR! 
Which gives me plenty of time to add another cowboy hat to the collection.

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