Friday, March 13, 2015

Texas A to Z

Yesterday was the 1st grade Texas A to Z production.
Some kids had speaking parts, (thanks to JR's talent as the morning anchor of the school news, both  mine were assumed to have some public speaking genes and assigned parts) but everybody got to sing a few Texas songs.
Kyle was cowboy #7 and got to say "The cowboy's pants are the color blue. These Levi's last the whole year through".
His costume was easy since these same cowboy duds date back to JR's preK days.
The chaps were either deemed too small before we moved and I got rid of them, or lost in the move, so Kyle and I made new chaps. 
Both costumes required sewing and both kids were excited to help me (I could have finished so much faster if they hadn't wanted to help so much).
Reed was ice cream. 
We made the ice cream out of felt, stuffed it with fluff, and sewed it on.
We just hot glued the "Blue Bell" letters on.
Reed's line was "I is for ice cream. Blue Bell is the best ice cream in the country. Yum!"
After he said his line, the parents broke out in whoops, cheers, and giggles. 
What can I say? We Texans are seriously serious about our Blue Bell...just like our Dr. Pepper, which if you look on the top row, you can see was also a part.

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Anonymous said...

Bravo for our future STARS!! MR