Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Big Plans

The first grade has been studying jobs, so Kyle and Reed had a job project.
Reed had a few jobs lined up (none of which would be considered high-powered career paths) but decided to do his project on being a radio DJ.  He wants to be a DJ so "everybody can hear him talk on the radio and he can pick the songs."
He wanted to make a board "like JR's science fair project", but unlike JR's science fair project I didn't even touch Reed's board.  He only needed me to help spell (and figure out how to make headphones and a microphone).
I'm pretty sure Kyle will have no trouble living up to his career aspirations.
It was a toss up if he wanted to drive the snow cat or work the ski lifts at Telluride.
He decided he'd rather work the ski lifts, and we made a power point that includes a video of him skiing.
He says he wants to be a ski lift operator "so he can get a free ski pass and get a discount on food and drinks on the mountain."
Kyle also noted in his presentation that he's excited to learn to use the lift's big red on and off button...and that he'll need to get a shovel to keep the snow from piling up around the lift.
Big dreams this one has. Big dreams.

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