Tuesday, April 28, 2015

What Else Goes On

As I talked about in my last post, we've been having lots of baseball games lately.
And it seems we've fallen into a pattern.
Granny Sherry (and her dog, Daisy,) and I sit in the stands and scream, cheer, and talk about how nervous we are (even when they're winning by quite a bit).
Jason paces back and forth along the dugout and next to the field.
(Though the name on the back says differently, that's actually Kyle before he went out to hit.)
Besides being their biggest cheerleader, JR has taken over the scoreboard. Sherry and I love this because JR is seriously the best scorekeeper ever.  He has all the balls, strikes, and outs on the board as soon as they happen. We never have to worry if the scoreboard is right.

I also get a big kick out of Reed's team referring to JR as "JR Ingersoll" like his first name and last name are one.  They even call him that if they're talking to him.  I think it's from them hearing him say "this is JR Ingersoll" on the announcements everyday.
I don't see much of Kyle at the games.  He always finds friends to play with, and definitely keeps the concession stand in business.
But he's always sweet to share...he'll happily buy you a hotdog.
And here he is feeding Reed a snowcone through the dugout fence.  Reed's hidden behind the pile of equipment, but you can see the spoon in Kyle's hand.

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