Thursday, April 16, 2015

Our First Set of These For the Family

Jason and Reed went outside to play/practice baseball yesterday evening.
They'd been out there for awhile when I heard the back door open and Jason say "We're going to the hospital!"
I figured Reed had broken his hand or fingers (Kyle's got a little boy in his class with broken fingers from baseball), but when I ran into the kitchen and saw Reed with blood all over his face I knew it wasn't a broken hand.
My question of "Did you hit him in the face with a baseball?!" probably wasn't the nicest way to ask what happened. What did happen was Reed caught a pop fly with his eyebrow instead of his mitt.
Here's the picture Jason sent me from the emergency room.
This one is bad, so if you get squemish, scroll down to the next one cause it's not bad.

Jason said he did so good at the ER. He took him to an orthopetic ER where they specialize in sports injuries, so while they do suchers, they didn't have the straight jacket to strap him down where he wouldn't move.
Reed said he could be still, so he squeezed Jason's hand while they gave him the shots to numb his face.
He got 5 stiches.
(This picture is ok to look at.)

I was worried he would hurt last night and wake up with a swollen, black eye.  But he slept fine, and looks really good!
 He went to school, and the doctor said he could play in his baseball game tonight if he wants to.
(He wants to.)

The stiches come out on Monday.  At which point I'll become the Vitamin E Nazi.

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What a trooper. MR