Sunday, April 26, 2015

Pretty Much the Best Game Ever

We've had tons of rain here since March.
Which means we've had tons of games cancelled (both soccer and baseball), and we've been trying to make them up.

And wouldn't you know it, it was storming yesterday morning during baseball time.

They were able to move the game to 1:00, but that took 2 kids out because they had things that really couldn't be missed.  I got a panicky phone call from Jason, and next thing Kyle and I knew, he was playing baseball...and I was running home to get him some shoes.

He wound up playing catcher (and doing a really good job) for the 1st inning in flip flops!
Just look at his feet.
Kyle did a great job, and he even scored a run.
Here he is on 1st base (with some real shoes).

Reed, on the other hand, was having a terrible game.
He struck out twice, then got out on 2nd base.
We were winning, and the other team was up to bat.  If we could keep them from scoring, the game would be more innings. Done. And we would win.
They had 2 outs, and a kid on second.
The boy batting had 2 strikes, but then he hit a pop fly out to right field.
Right field...where Reed was playing.
Reed caught it.
His whole team ran straight for him and dog piled him.
And yes, I was screaming at the top of my lungs "That's MY baby! That's MY baby!"
(I have no pictures because I was too busy screaming and accepting my own congratulations from the other moms.)
Of course, they gave him the game ball (the kids all signed it) and I'm not sure he's ever been more proud of anything.
Everyone in the stands kept saying, "Those 5 stitches were worth it! Those 5 stitches were worth it!"
We were so proud of the two of them we even went to Benihana's to celebrate. 
(Yes, I guess we're those parents.)
And BTW, Reed still won't let go of the ball.
This was him falling asleep while watching TV yesterday evening. 

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Anonymous said...

What a GREAT group picture. Everybody looks so YOUNG! Those boys rock. MR