Monday, April 20, 2015

Morning Anchor

JR's school has their announcements over the TV.
(The kids did this when I taught in Katy, and I always thought it was great.) 
5th graders take turns every 3 weeks taking on different jobs: director, camera operator, controlling the "teleprompter", and of course, on-air talent.
JR did his 3 weeks around Thanksgiving. And because he was good and everyone enjoyed him, after his 3 weeks were up he started filling in when kids were absent, or whenever he could.  He's now weaseled his way into doing the announcements for the rest of the year. 
I had a little bit of JR as the morning anchor on April Fools to show you, but I finally got more for you to hear.
I would never be allowed (by JR) to stand in his "broadcast studio" and record him, and I feel bad (and silly) asking Kyle and Reed's teachers if I could come in their room to record him.  But the other morning I was volunteering in the library and snuck in without him seeing me.  That's why there's really nothing to see...because I was essentially hiding.
You will see another mom with her camera out, but her child (that did a special announcement) is obviously okay with people knowing her mother exists.
Here he is starting off the announcements. 
(You will hear him pause, and the teacher in charged stopped him to tell him something, I'm not sure what that was about. )
At the end of the announcements they do the riddle of the day.  That's when I cut back in again, and you can hear the tail end of him saying "It's time for...the riddle of the day." 
 Then you get to hear him sign off.  "This is JR Ingersoll..."

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