Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Not Michael Phelps

Our swim team season continued in to this weekend since Reed actually qualified for the "championship" swim meet.  

It was Saturday, and it's officially called "The Country Club Invitational".  I'm positive there are way more competitive swim leagues, so it was nice that everyone there was the opposite of a crazy sports parent.  In fact, I was even chatting with one of the dads whose only complaint was that there wasn't a Bloody Mary bar.  

Each team got to have 2 swimmers per event.
Reed swam freestyle and butterfly.

It was at the University of Houston natatorium, and I never dreamed it would be so nice.  I was very impressed. 

Reed was most excited that his name was on the big board! 

He's the one in the middle

It was just like the Olympics where they get disqualified for starting early, and they had to touch the pad underwater to stop the clock.   (And I'm only comparing it to the Olympics because that's the only other time I've watching swimming.) 

He didn't place, but he didn't come in last in either event either.
Here you can see he got 5th in his heat (you'll see the kid above him got disqualified, so that was helpful) 

Here's the Houston Racquet Club Team.  
Reed is on the top row 2nd kid from the left and he's not wearing a swim cap.

And they came in 2nd in the meet.

We were very proud of his 1st ever swim season. 

And I didn't even notice until that night that they wrote on his arm to make sure he knew when to swim.

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