Monday, January 9, 2012

Party Like a Rock Star

Poor Kyle and Reed, after the excitement of Christmas, the last thing I'm thinking about is pulling together a birthday party.

I tried to plan ahead this year and asked them before Christmas what kind of party they wanted.

I fully expected I'd be renting out the gymnastics gym and having to invite all the kids from their preschool (and making conversation with parents that I've never said more than 'hi' to).

But Kyle and Reed had a different idea.

They wanted to go to Big Bounce with Knox and Koen.
Done and Done.

Kyle and Reed are also under the impression that they're friends with JR's friends, so the Wayland kids and T.C. were also sweet enough to come.

We were supposed to have lunch at McDonald's, but since it was closed for construction, we wound up at the fake Fudruckers.

I'm the bad twin mom that only buys one cake.
Hey, at least I bought them each their own candle!

For some reason the Farmington mall has a hurricane simulator.
As you can see, this was $2.00 well spent on 77 mile-an-hour winds in a glass cage.

It was a banner day at Big Bounce.
A jammed finger, a bloody nose (of course that was JR), and a small scuffle.

But they were able to pull it together long enough for a group picture.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great day. Nothing says "Happy Birthday" like bouncing, ice cream, and cake.

GS said...

Now that is a good lookin' group - way to party guys. Wish I was there.

Friedt Family said...

What kind of party is complete without a jammed finger, a bloody nose, and a small scuffle...a boring one, that's what kind:-)