Monday, February 23, 2015

Eyes and Ears are Not the Same Thing

If you use any kind of prescriptions, you have to read what happened to us today:
On Wednesday Reed and I wound up in the Ready Clinic with him crying hysterically about how bad his ears hurt.  Then Thursday I picked him up from school early crying about his ears again.
Friday, Reed went to school dizzy, and Kyle came home by 9:00 because they thought he had pink eye.
I got them both into the doctor Friday afternoon and they both have/had the adenovirus (which I'm convinced Jason brought home from his fabulous vacay in Telluride because he came home with a "cold"). Reed's allergies got the best of him on top of the virus, which is why his ears were so backed up. 
They put Reed on antibiotics plus antibiotic ear drops, and Kyle got eye drops...or so I thought.
This morning I got a call that oops, the pharmacy, which was WALGREENS, had given us eardrops instead of eyedrops for Kyle.
That's right, for the past 4 days we've been putting EARDROPS in Kyle's EYES 3 times a day!
Now, we all know I was raised by a German Jew Presbyterian, but she also happens to be about 95% Christian Scientist when it comes to medicine. 
(On the other hand, I refer to my dad's medicine stash as "the drug buffet". )
 I rest squarely on my mom's side when it comes to medicine.  I don't take it often, and I don't give my kids much. My kids also rarely tell me they don't feel good because they're met with "oh, you'll be okay" as an answer.
So yeah, being that I'm already not a fan of medicine, and then finding out I've been putting eardrops in my kid's eyes, pretty much makes me sick.
While we were waiting for the doctor to call us back, Jason researched it on the Internet to find out it didn't affect hamsters' eyes.  Well, that's great, but my 7 year old son isn't a hamster!
The doctor called back to say he should be okay, but if his eyes start hurting to bring him back in.
To say Jason and I were upset with Walgreens is a bit of an understatement.
I actually blame myself since I should know better than to let them handle my prescriptions. The last time I went there I was trying to get kidney stone medicine for Jason who was at home and practically dying. That trip to Walgreens ended with "damn Obamacare" being screamed from my mouth throughout the store.
So I have a really great track record with them.

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Anonymous said...

I hate Walgreens. Not only do they have an awful pharmacy, they NEVER have a "good" sale. MR