Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Mistreated Ones

Poor JR and Hunter just don't get the attention that they are used to (especially Hunter). Hunter has never heard, "No!","Get off!" and "Get down!" so much in his life. Jason even accuses me of "being mean" to him. And poor JR has never heard "Shhh! Be quiet!", "You'll have to wait." and "Don't cough on them!" as much as he has. And although they both get told "no" a lot, they are both so eager to help with the babies. Like I have said before, Hunter thinks the babies are his to guard...so here he is, guarding Reed

JR, on the other hand, really just wants them to be big enough to play with him. Since they aren't big enough to play, he wants to hold them and have them watch TV with him. So, here's JR holding Kyle...I'm not sure what Kyle thinks of the situation, but JR is loving it!


Kristi said...

Poor guys! It is a big adjustment! JR looks so proud to be holding Kyle!

Allison said...

You know once they're old enough to move around on their own, the twins are going to drive JR crazy!!! We can all say, remember when?