Thursday, February 14, 2008

Got Chocolate?

Okay, So I guess JR had a right to be excited about Valentine's Day, as Cupid seemed to rival Santa this year. I have never seen so much chocolate, candy, and sweets. If you are lacking in the sweets department, just swing on by the house...we gotcha covered. JR scored Valentine's presents from us, the kids and teachers at school, and all the grandparents. It’s quite a loot. Here he is, first thing this morning, checking out what he got from us.

My husband did a fabulous job in the Valentine's Day present department (especially since he told me we weren't doing gifts this year). After JR had finished going through his swag, Jason told me that the babies had gotten me a present and to go look in their crib. Here's what I found...Too cute!

And inside the box was also too cute, new earrings! Each earring is made up of 3 individual diamonds, one for each boy. It's my Valentine's present plus my "I had twin boys" present. I must thank my fabulous cousin, Dan, who replied to the birth announcement email Jason sent out by asking him if he was getting me diamonds...Way to drop a hint, Woo-Hoo!

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