Friday, February 22, 2008

Big Busy Day

We had a big busy day today. JR went for his “interview” at Second Baptist today. (We’re hoping to send him to school there next year.) They call it an interview, but JR said they played centers, made a craft, had story time, and had a snack. I talked to the head of admissions and she told me they really enjoyed JR today. And why would I be talking to the head of admissions you ask? Well, JR came home with a huge bite mark on his arm…Can you believe it? A kid bit him! JR hasn’t bit anybody since he was 2. What kind of kid is still biting at 4? We grilled JR about what he had done to get bit…”Did you hit him? Did you take a toy away from him?” But he kept insisting that he hadn’t done anything and that he didn’t hit the kid back, and that he went and told the teacher. Jason and I believed him because JR is really good about telling us what he has done wrong, and since he has been in PreK, JR has found his love of tattel-telling, so his story sounded about right. And it was. The admissions lady told me that JR had been standing there and the kid wanted the toy JR had, so he bit him. After I picked JR up from Second and got him to his PreK, I had to go get Reed and take him to Texas Children’s. Let me just say I feel like such “country come to town” when I go to the Medical Center. I drove down there without any problems, and I only had to circle around twice to get to the parking garage…so I was pretty proud of myself. Then it got a little tricky, there were no parking spots in the parking garage so I asked the parking attendant what I should do, she told me to valet. Who knew you could valet at a hospital?! So that’s what I did. (BTW, it’s $15) Of course now came the hard part of actually finding where I was supposed to take him. Texas Children’s is huge! I literally went to 3 different buildings before I found the right place. Reed had his ultrasound on his hips to make sure they were okay. He was so cute laying up there having his ultrasound. The bed was so big and he is so little! He slept through most of it and was very cooperative. They said his hips looked good and his legs should continue to straighten out. I was super proud of myself for being able to find the freeway without getting lost, and I didn’t get hit by the metro tram either….Yeah me!


Anonymous said...

LOVE the new picture! Will Second take some tuition money off for bite marks? I'd just have to die in my car...I'd never be able to find the right bldg. at the MC. Mom

Anonymous said...

Jan, I, too, love the new picture!
Actually, I love all the pictures
and each new day adventure with the Ingy Family!
Please write a book about the
Adventures with the Ingy Family...
It would be a best seller!!!
You and Jason are wonderful parents
Thank you for sharing your
day-to-day adventures!
Mike and I are going to be grandparents again in August; Michael and Jodi...
Have a blessed day to all!

Cousin Billie

Kristi said...

Congratulations on a big accomplishment! Poor JR - Caleb was the victim of a biter in of the many reasons I'm happy he's not there anymore!!!

The new picture is ADORABLE!!!

Anonymous said...

My hat is off to you! Go Jan, traveling with a baby in Houston traffic and finding a building! That valet parking is the way to go. The new picture is adorable! Glad to hear the test results are favorable! Another blessing! Love ya..Lu

Anonymous said...

Of course the new picture is precious, how could it not be, look at the subject matter!!!! Don't suppose I have a little prejudice do ya!!!

Granny Sherry