Saturday, February 16, 2008

"JR's" First School Project

Some of you might be wondering why I have JR in quotation marks in the title. Well, JR brought home a big letter J this weekend, because he is the Super Star of the class next week at school. We were supposed to decorate the J with things that tell about JR. Now, as the teachers out there know, this is not a kid project, it's a mom project. I was just telling my cousin, Lu, how I had just finished JR's project, and she summed it up perfectly when she said, "if the teacher had wanted a kid project they would have done it at school." So, JR's name is in quotes since it's really my first school project for JR. JR did help; he didn't even notice how I made sure he picked the pictures I wanted him to pick, or had me write down what I wanted him to say. JR told me that none of the other kids had pictures on the front AND back, so of course, we did. I think the other kids must have talked about really "exciting" things like their favorite color and favorite food, because JR kept asking me, "When are we going to do my favorite color?" Anyway, I think we did a really good job on the J project...and without further it is!

At the top of the J we have his favorite place in the world is Hong Kong Disneyland. Then we have pictures of JR doing karate, at hockey lessons, and on his hunting trip. The Buzz Lightyear picture is for his favorite movie, Toy Story. Coming around the hook of the J, is his first hunt in Australia, his baby pictures from China with us, and Ayi, and then a picture of his brothers. Finishing it off, is JR's love of animals as he feeds an elephant in Thailand and pets a pink dolphin in Singapore.

The top back of the J shows JR's love of swimming with a picture from The Philippines. Then, JR on the computer playing computer games. The next section is all JR without my assistance- he tells about his favorite colors, food, and how he likes to trace letters after you make the outline of them with dots (didn't know that one myself). At the bottom is JR with Jason's motorcycle and Hunter and Harley, and then we finish it off with some of his favorite superheroes.


Anonymous said...

J J Just Great! What a project! What a MOM! What a life! You get 100 A+ . Margaret

Allison said...

Great job Jan! :)