Monday, February 11, 2008

Calm Days/Crazy Night

We got the boys out "a bunch" this weekend. I say "a bunch" since they weren't really out that much, but it was a lot of going out for twin preemies! We celebrated Chinese New Year on Friday night by going to eat Chinese. Shelley met us out, which was fun since we hadn't seen her in awhile. On Saturday we let JR pick where he wanted to each lunch. JR has a couple of standard favorite restaurants, which cracks people up because none of them are traditional restaurants that a four year old would pick. He picked Cafe Express, which he loves because of the breadsticks and that they put swords in your sandwich to hold it together. His other 2 standards are The Empress (The Chinese restaurant down the road, which Jason and his dad have been going to since 1976. Yes, they know the Ingersolls very well in there) and James Coney Island. Anyway, after Cafe Express we went to get JR's haircut and then let him go to Toys R Us (which JR calls "Toys FOR Us"). We got up Sunday and took the whole clan to the grocery store. (We still haven't gone to church with them because the doctor says not to put them in the nursery until they are about 4 months old. Their immune systems just can't handle being around kids in a confined space.) Then we met my mom and dad at Olive Garden in the Woodlands for lunch so we could pick up my mom and bring her back here to stay the week. All in all, a very calm weekend...but last night, not so much. I hate to say it, but Kyle, as cute as he is, is already spoiled. He thinks that I need to hold him at night if he is going to sleep. He sleeps great during the day in his boppy...but nighttime rolls around and he definitely wants my full attention. Now some of you are saying, "Well, just let him cry." I know that's what I should do, but I don't want to just let him cry for many reasons:
1. I'm not having any more babies so I just want to enjoy them both.
2. The babies are still in our room, and poor Jason has to get up and go to work, so I'm trying to let him get as much sleep as possible (which isn't much).
3. If he cries too much, he gets his heart rate up and his monitor will go off if his heart rate is over 200 BPM.
4. I don't want him to wake up Reed, who is an awesome sleeper, because then I would have two crying babies instead of one.
So, needless to say, I do a lot of holding Kyle at night. I'll hold him and hold him until I'm quite certain that he is sound asleep and as soon as I lay him in the crib, and get in our bed with my head on my pillow, he starts crying again. This happens every night, especially between 8PM-2AM. He actually does pretty good in his crib after 2AM, I guess he can only stay awake for so long.
But, last night was our really crazy night. It was about 12:30 and he was in the middle of his standard routine of crying in his crib, so I had him out of the crib in my lap. I laid him on our bed (of course he doesn't cry if you lay him on our bed) to go get something, and as I was on my way, I tripped over the wires to his monitor. Of course this set off the chain reaction of the monitor falling from the dresser to the floor, and then the wires being pulled off of Kyle, which sets off the most ear piercing alarm you can imagine. (Just think of your fire alarm going off in your house; it's the same sound). Now normally if he comes unattached, Jason or I can get him reattached and the alarm stops. This time it wasn't happening. Not only could we not get it to stop once we got him reattached, we couldn't get it to stop at all. Jason and I both tried turning it off, we unplugged it, we did everything. Finally, I ran and got the instruction booklet and called the 24-hour help line. Of course, the person on the other end can't help you make the alarm stop...she's just the answering service! She told me that a tech would call me back within the hour. An hour! An hour! I can hardly stand this alarm for 1 second much less for an hour. Jason took the alarm, buried it in my closet under a pile of clothes, shut the closet door, shut the bathroom door, and we could still hear it going off. Of course, we know that my mom, who is upstairs, is hearing all of this going on. Jason said, "What do you think your mom is doing?" I said, "freaking out and praying"...Sure enough this morning she said, "Oh, I was just praying last night when I heard that alarm going off...I just knew y'all were going to call for me any minute to come watch the other baby while y'all went to the hospital." While all of this is going on, I hear JR coming down the stairs. At this point I'm thinking every person in the house is going to be up all night long. JR walked in and said, "I have to go to the bathroom and my mine is too bright” so he walked in our bathroom, went, came back out and said "Night, Mommy" and off he went back upstairs to bed. Then, more good news, the tech called us back in about 10 minutes. She gave Jason some quick instructions and he had the machine turned off and Kyle hooked back up in no time. And the best part of the story...our perfect little sleeper, Reed, slept through the whole thing.


Anonymous said...

Oh MY! I can just see the "chaos" and to think Reed slept thru the entire circus! I completely understand your feelings about a crying baby--I do everything possible to stop that crying--I can't stand "let them cry it out!" Keep up the faith, this too shall pass (but right now I know you are thinking it can't pass soon enough).
Love ya...Lu

Kristi said...

What a night!!! I can't believe Reed slept through it all!

Granny Sherry said...

This is the first I have had a chance to look at this since I was there last week - I have laughed so hard at this story that I am certain the whole office thinks I have lost it for good this time. I can just see JR doing his number and returning to bed as if it was just another normal night. All I could think about on the way to work on Monday was "Margaret is getting to feed my baby this morning"!

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day to The Ingy
Family and Grandma Margaret...

I sent a comment several weeks ago;
however, I guess I didn't do something right because I don't think you received my note...

I look forward to checking on the Ingy Family daily... I missed yesterday and really missed the

Reminds me when Michael and Joy
were "Babies"...

We are so thankful for our new cousins and grateful you are all

Our love and best wishes always,

Mike and Billie

PS Michael and Jodi are expecting
a new member to their Family in August...Kirsten is 6 yrs. and she
says she needs to start thinking
how to be a big sister...