Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Almost Valentine's Day

JR has asked us a million times in the last week if it is Valentine's Day yet. He is super excited about it...I think he might be thinking that Cupid is the equivalent of Santa (let's hope not)! Last year I made cupcakes for V-Day; of course JR remembered and wanted to make them again. I took the somewhat easy way out and we made a cake together...I still did the "cooking" part with him, but the making them into cupcakes part is just too time consuming these days. As you can see JR was in complete control of the sprinkles...
I figured I'd get in trouble with Granny Sherry if I didn't put any pictures of the other boys on the blog this week. They are both really finding their voices. The days of them eating and sleeping seem to be gone, and there is a lot more crying and fussing going on. My mom and I have tried just about everything to soothe them, so here they are being soothed in their bouncy chairs. JR loved his, and loving the bouncy chair seems to be hereditary...Thank goodness!

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Kristi said...

Yay for bouncy chairs! My boys loved the swing once they got a little older. Oh! Caleb has the same camo Superman shirt! Happy V-day!