Thursday, March 13, 2008

Rodeo Dancing

JR has been coming home and showing us his Western dances that they have been learning at school for two weeks now. They have been doing a big rodeo unit at school since it is rodeo time here in Houston. The kids were supposed to dress Western today, and it wasn't enough for JR to just throw on a hat and be done with it. He wanted full on Western garb (I can't imagine who he inherited the costume gene from), and kept asking me for spurs! Of course I looked for some, but I couldn't find any. I think he took his clothing inspiration from Woody from Toy Story, since he also had to have the sheriff's badge and chaps. JR had a big audience today as he had Jason, Granny Sherry, and me in his cheering section.

Here they are getting ready. Can you tell who's the most excited to dance?

Leave it to JR to get the prettiest partner in the class....he's such an Ingersoll. JR loves Asians, but I think Melissa made an impression on him too since he also seems to like the blondes.

The Mexican Hat Dance and The Chicken Dance

I took some short video of each dance which I'll post soon so you can see his routines.


Anonymous said...

That's cute. Happy Trails ! Mom

Allison said...

Oh my goodness he looks so cute!

Kristi said...

Now, those have to be the cutest pictures EVER! How fun!!!