Thursday, March 6, 2008

This Week in Birthdays!

Happy B-Day Sunny! Friday, March 7th
Since it is already Friday in Beijing, Happy Birthday, Sunny! Sunny was one of my very best friends in China, and she is also my most international friend. She's Bosnian, carries a German passport, and speaks 7 languages. One time she asked me how many languages I spoke. I said, "I'm American, I only speak English". I think that was after I told her that I wasn't really sure where in the world her country actually was. Yes, I now know where it is. Sunny and I became friends when JR and her daughter, Melissa, (or as JR calls her "Mei-Mei" or "Missa") became best friends. Sunny lived just a few doors down from us and Jason calls her his "Second Wife". Her husband worked later in the evenings than Jason did because of the time difference between China and Germany. So many weeknights, Sunny and her kids were at our house when Jason came home from work. That's one of the things we really miss about China is living so close to our friends. Happy Birthday, Sunny! We miss you!

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