Sunday, March 30, 2008

First Trip to Church

The NICU nurses told us not to put the boys in the church nursery until they were a year old. Our doctor told me to wait until they were about 4 months or when RSV season was over. We'll, Jason and I made the executive decision to try it out this morning. JR was super excited about the boys going to "Baby Church" as he called it, and was insistent that he help us drop them off at Baby Church so he could see what it looked like. He kept saying, "I think they are just going to sleep at Baby Church." And yes, I believe there was a lot of sleeping going on at Baby Church. I fact, Reed never even woke up. Kyle, on the other hand, must have sensed that he was in a room full of rocking chairs and ladies who like to hold babies. His eyes flew open so he could be held the whole time. I know he also got his diaper changed because when I changed him he had a sticker on the front of his diaper that said, "Changed with love by Second Baptist Church"...I forgot that they did that, so it was a bit of a surprise to find. So, if neither of the little boys get sick, then the day will have been a complete success. BTW, this is the second day in a row I have typed this blog one-handed. Yesterday I was holding Reed, today it's Kyle. Oh, AND they slept til 4:20AM this morning....I think I'm going to call 6AM "sleeping through the night". They're getting closer!!


Allison said...

What?!?!?! Kyle cheated on me?!?!?! Some stranger lady held him and comforted him?!?!


Anonymous said...

Really geat picture on all of you!!!!

Granny Sherry

Anonymous said...

love the LBD. I would have lost my religion by the time I got everything ready and got to church. Praise the Lord you made it! Mom