Sunday, March 23, 2008

Good Friday

It was a Good Friday! The best part was that Jason was off from work, so he was home to help with JR and the babies...woo hoo! My parents and Sherry came over late Friday afternoon to babysit so Jason and I could go to the rodeo with our friends Mike and Emily. (If you were at our wedding, Mike and Emily's twin daughters were our flower girls.) We walked around the rodeo booths for awhile and we ran into Shelley (who looked super cute in her new cowboy hat) and my friend Nancy that I used to teach with at McMeans. The rodeo was fun and Pat Green performed; he was great as usual. We didn't get home til midnight and my mom and Sherry were giving the boys their bottles when we walked in. They said that Kyle hadn't closed his eyes all night. I felt bad for them, but it was great for us...the babies slept til 5:00AM...which was awesome!

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Anonymous said...

The babies were so cute. I couldn't believe how much they had grown in 2 weeks. Maw-maw