Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Brainwashed I Tell Ya!

JR came home from school yesterday and announced that he was participating in Turn off the TV Week. (It also includes DVDs, computer games, the Wii, and the Nintendo.) I, of course, would never encourage this kind of behavior since, to quote Clariee from Steel Magnolias, I "was raised right." And raised this way I was. Here's the following comments about JR's Turn off the TV Week declaration from my immediate family:

JR: I can't watch TV, or play Wii, or do anything electronical for the whole week.
My Dad: Oh my goodness. These Mountain People have brainwashed you!

(A note to the "Mountain People", my dad loves your physical fitness, healthiness, and native flora and fauna. He's just worried that the high number of Obama bumper stickers around town means that Turn off the TV Week is a governmental imposed agenda to keep people from watching Sean Hanity.)

Jason (on the phone on the way home from work): What's JR doing?
Me: Putting together a puzzle. He wants to do Turn off the TV Week.
Jason: He wants to do that? Wow, they've brainwashed him.
Me: That's exactly what my dad said!
Jason: I hope you don't think we're doing that.
Me: Puh-leaze. I'm on my computer right now and Dancing With the Stars is on tonight.

So yeah, JR's on his own on this one. Good thing MawMaw and PawPaw loaded him down with books from his school book fair. And whose genius idea was it to combine Grandparents' Day and the book fair? Genius I tell ya. I would have let JR buy one book, instead he walked out with a bag full. But seriously, just look how cute my Mountain Person and Country Folks are.

(JR's room at school, pre book fair)


Anonymous said...

Hi--been away from the computer, checking blogs and Facebook for quite awhile. Good to see Uncle John and Aunt Margaret--aren't you supposed to be in Texas? IT IS TAKS week! Hope you are having a good visit.
Love to all....Lu

Stacy said...

Awww....your mom and dad look EXACTLY the same as they did 25 years ago!! Love them!! Soooo good to see them...and glad they loaded JR up on some entertainment too!

Jill said...

Jan you crack me up! We've never done a no TV week. Not sure what would happen...I'd miss DWTS and Survivor. I have to admit I'm a bit addicted:) But I will say Go JR! Pleeeease keep us update on how he handles the whole week and then the day after. I'd love to see how he does. What a cutie!

Tiffany said...

Ha! We are both on our computers while watching TV! We are really rebels!

Anonymous said...

WOW! Grandparent's Day must be the same all over the country!! They combine it here too, with the Book Fair!! I think they know that when the grandparents are treated to a fun time at the school they'd never say "no" to that cute little grandchild that wants to buy books (and in our case, posters, etc)! What a scam! BUT, we loved it!!! JoAnn

GS said...

I have to give you credit JR - you get gold star for just the thought of trying it. I, too, am very anxious to see how the whole week goes - couldn't they have had a Turn off the TV Day.

Just Me - The Champion said...


I totally LOVE your post. It truly is a consipiracy and I think turn off the tv week is a plot to torture parents. :) My kids stuck it out all week too. Toby kept trying to see if he could hop on the computer to see if I would change my mind. JR rocks. I love your Dad's reaction too! lv, jen

Allison said...

Hahahahahaa your dad cracks me up!!! I would like to think that Gwen would know better than to walk in our house saying we had to turn off the tv!

kyle and robin said...

it is certainly NOT a coincidence to combine Grandparent's Day and the Book Fair. it happens in our building twice a year! btw - I wouldn't turn off our tv either! BUT if I were forced to...at least I have DVR :)

Anonymous said...

To Lu,
Uncle John decided to practice for retirement.

Joseph said...

so... A. turning off Sean Hannity is not exactly a bad thing. B. Don't tell him I'm going to see Obama speak on Saturday (and I have extra tickets... do y'all want them?!?!)