Saturday, May 29, 2010

7 Year Extravaganza

The 7 year extravaganza started bright and early this morning with hugs. And no, Kyle and Reed aren't usually "allowed" to hug JR, but I guess it was okay since they were wishing him "Happy Bir-day, Jar".

I have no idea where he got the idea that he needed breakfast in bed, but it was high on the list of requests.

Mini golf was also high on the list...although it was a pretty big decision if it was going to be mini golf or bowling.

And of course, Chinese food for dinner. Does anybody else see the irony that Harry picked to eat at Serious Texas BBQ last night after graduation and JR picks to eat Chinese food for his birthday?

JR wanted to try sushi for the first time. And yes, you're right, sushi isn't Chinese food. But we live in Durango, and since there's probably only about 20 Asians in the whole town, I let it slide that it's on the menu.
The tasting went really well at first.

But then quickly took a turn for the worse....

But it was nothing a trip to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for dessert couldn't fix.


Anonymous said...

What a fun day. Can't believe "Jar" is already 7. Maw Maw

GS said...

Happy Happy Birthday JR - sounds like the world was yours on a string for at least one day. And I agree with Maw Maw on the "already 7" - how did that happen anyway?!?

Jamie Jo said...

So fun! You're a great mom!