Thursday, May 13, 2010

DeDe Hunt Bear

Jason, JR, and Jason's dad left a little while ago to go bear hunting. And even though they're gone, Reed is still under the impression that Hunter (AKA: DeDe) is going hunting with them. The other day Jason was telling JR that they'll hunt the bear with dogs. Reed was obviously enthralled in this conversation as he's told me all day long, "DeDe hunt bear. DeDe hunt bear."
And since Reed knows Hunter's main form of physical activity is walking to his food dish, Reed has taken it upon himself to give Hunter some pointers. He's been showing him pictures of bears and saying, "Look DeeDee. Look. Bear." As of this writing, Hunter has yet to develop an interest.


Friedt Family said...

Totally adorable, what a helpful little guy he is!:-)

GS said...

How sweet, Reed, keep up the encouragement, it may seem fruitless - try adding a treat somewhere in the lesson and I bet you will see an improvement.