Wednesday, May 12, 2010

*Cough Cough*

Dear Colorado, I think you need to revise the Crystal, Clean Air section of the Colorado is Beautiful and Fabulous Handbook.

Photo Evidence Exhibit A:

Cause if I can't actually see the mountains, they're not so fun to live in. Now, I'm sure it's wasn't really your fault, Colorado. I'm quite sure that was New Mexico or Utah dust/sand/dirt flying around all over the place. (I'm pointing the finger at you, Utah, since the grittiness in my teeth yesterday didn't have a New Mexican green chile taste.)

Photo Evidence Exhibit B: Pictures from JR's Yoga class in March, and then almost the same spots yesterday.

Now, Colorado, I do have blog evidence that this same sort of thing happened last spring. BUT, since you decided to be your normal, pretty self again today, I won't be pursuing any action...for now.

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GS said...

Ah ha! So Colorado has it drawbacks too. Quite a dust storm. But one day a year I must admit, I guess it beats 6 mos of 90+ degrees, 95% humidity weather and 4 months of hurricane threats.