Monday, May 10, 2010

My Hair Grew Back!

JR and I have both loved his teacher this year. Her teaching style reminds me a lot of my mom's...And just like my mom always did, JR's teacher made sure he had plenty of Mother's Day gifts to give yesterday. One of my favorites was a little book titled "Mom and I", and of course, I have the best pages to share with you.

I'll show you the picture first, and then will interpret 1st grade handwriting and give my commentary below.

You probably got this one: Ride Roller coasters
What's funny is Saturday night Jason and I had gone to dinner and I was telling him, "I'm so glad you're going to Fiesta Texas with us this summer. My stomach just can't take 5 times on Tony Hawk's Big Spin." And if you look closely at the picture, JR drew himself with a big smile and me with an "Oh!" face. We're also frighteningly tan.

My Mom and I watch: Extreme Water Parks. That would be a backward "P" that was somewhat corrected.
JR and I watch a lot of Travel Channel together, but we watch way more America's Funniest Home Videos (Praise the Lord it comes on right as I'm trying to cook dinner because all the kids love it!). Obviously JR has summer vacation on the brain.
From the looks of things I believe I'm about to go down the slide, as it seems JR is the one already upside down. Unfortunately, I might also be nude. Which I can guarantee would never happen.

And my favorite...

My hair is back! I'm bald no more! Sure JR has realized that at 5'2" he might as well go ahead and draw himself as tall as me. But who cares?! I'm skinny AND have hair. Not much hair, but it's there! Maybe this summer we'll practice drawing my hair more Jennifer Anistony and less Keri Russell When She Chopped Off All her Hair and Ruined Felicity.


GS said...

No wonder it was at the top of the favorite list, really great job, JR, and how could Mom say no to all those fun rides after that!

Anonymous said...

Nothing beats children's art. Love it! Maw Maw

Joseph said...

ummm... as tall as i. ;)