Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Stick it to Me

About 4:30 yesterday afternoon I "wrote" the script for JR's Bobcat badge ceremony for Cub Scouts. ("wrote": found 3 different ceremonies I liked on the Internet and merged them into 1) It was then that I realized I needed to make coup sticks for all the kids. (Coup sticks are Native American nonviolent weapons. They symbolize strength for the boys as they continue in Scouts.) I also figured the sticks had to be decorated. So after a mad dash to WalMart yesterday evening, I've been furiously hot gluing and sewing bells, feathers, and beads since last night. I'm not sure the boys even noticed the embellishments, they were just thrilled we were handing them a giant stick. I did have to laugh when they went to "play coup" was a bit Lord of the Flies to see boys chasing each other with sticks in hand.

And these pictures? All about the sticks, Baby! No way I'm going to make all these and not show off my handy work! (BTW, only 1 severe hot glue gun burn and 1 needle stick!)

I put each boys' name on their stick. If you look in the bottom right hand corner of this picture you can see Sam's name.

During the ceremony we tied feathers on their sticks. (I sat up last night gluing feathers together and attaching them to rope.) Each feather's color had a special meaning.

Here's a bit of a close-up of JR's. Of course he had already pulled all the beads and bells off of his during his Lord of the Flies maneuvers. Guess I'll be pulling my needle and thread out again.


GS said...

Great Job Mom - JR appears the proudest of them all and rightfully so.

Tiffany said...'re such a good den mama! And I love that he is shirless. Of course. Very Lord of the Flies.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Jan! I nominate you for Tiger Den Mom of the Year!