Monday, May 24, 2010

Fancy Pants

Jason and I put on our party clothes and headed out to a fundraiser for Music in the Mountains last night. We aren't invited to many "events", (with this pack of kids we have I just can't imagine why) so we were excited to go.
The dress code in Durango still makes me laugh, as when I called to RSVP I said: It doesn't say on the invitation, but I'm assuming the dress is 'cocktail'.
Lady on the phone:, yeah. People are supposed to dress up.
Me: Dress up? Or dress up for Durango?
Lady on the phone: (laughs) Well, I hope dress up. But you never know!
So here we are, dressed up for Durango. Cause when you think about it, I believe Jason and I would also be appropriate for grocery shopping in Texas!


GS said...

Good picture! Best lookin' couple there.

kyle and robin said...

lookin' good!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Sherry. MR

Tiffany said...

aww... you two always clean up so nice! And, I must say, I love Durango's dress "code" - I think I might die in Texas!

Anonymous said...

Surely the best dressed couple there!