Thursday, May 6, 2010


Back a few weeks ago at JR's Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet the 5th graders got to "crossover" and become Boy Scouts. The crossover was quite literal as they were invited to walk across a bridge (somebody had made a real bridge, like you'd see as a prop in a prom picture) by a Boy Scout who was dressed as a Native American. Between the bridge and a high school boy dressed up in full NA regalia, our kids couldn't contain themselves, and rushed the stage. I've never seen sadder little faces when they were told they needed to go sit back down. On the bright side, it did warm my heart to see that the guys are just as much into pomp and pageantry as I am, so I promised them we would have a Tiger to Wolf crossover ceremony. Last night the guys got to crossover with fire and facepaint. What could be better?

After we painted war paint on their face to help them along the Scouting Trail, we gave them the mark of the Tiger on their hand. Here I am congratulating JR on his achievement.

JR and Kelley

JR and TC (JR likes having another friend with initals for a name.)

And with the first signs of warm weather appearing, we have begun entering our season of McConaughey. JR was half shirtless by the time we got home!


Anonymous said...

Way to go JR! Good job Jan!

GS said...

As handsome as he is in his uniform, I must admit, that last picture is the JR we all know and love. Good job JR. I am so proud to welcome a real Boy Scout into the family. Good job Mom for your efforts in making these times so special in his life.

Anonymous said...

What a night.So many memories. MR