Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Super High Tech Tracking Device

Being the amazing mom that I am, I lose Kyle and Reed in the house all the time. They're little, they're fast, and don't always answer when called...it's a recipe for disaster. But thanks to free balloons from the Coke distributor, all my problems have been solved! This is just what I needed to know where they were at all times (at least for one day).

High Tech Tracking Device tells me there's a child behind the island.

Yep! It's right every time. Isn't technology great?


Tiffany said...

Ha! Love it! And it's portable - I may have to get some. Are they special order? And, BTW, I would love to see Jason get in on the Qwelf action sometime - I think he might make a fabulous ballerina.

Stacy said...

How do you keep your kitchen soooo clean??? I couldn't take pictures in mine for fear of looking like the white trash that we are!!

Friedt Family said...

That is genious! And so much more affordable than a tracking chip implant:-)