Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I Almost Thought I was in TX

I was shocked at all the Texan things the Cub Scouts are learning at camp. (Lucky me, I get to be the den leader for 2 days.) I would have thought I was in The Lone Star State, except that it's June and I wore a jacket most of the day.

Shooting BB guns

This picture just cracks me up! They look like little tiny soldiers.

JR was surprisingly good at roping. Must be in the genes...he does have quite a few cousin rodeoers!

(All the kids kept talking about roping "the dog". No matter how many time we told them, they just couldn't comprehend this one was a sheep.)

But this reminded me of home most of all...shooting rubber bands at pie plate targets!


Anonymous said...

Great fun. You're a good mom to referee those 7 year olds all day. Maw Maw

Tiffany said...

Woohoo for Cub Camp! That looks like so much fun! Can I go too?

Friedt Family said...

Can't you get arrested in Durango for "ropin' the dog"?? I know they love them some pets there in Durango:-) Next thing you know, you'll make the "crime" section of the newspaper for even mentioning rope and dog in the same sentence!

Jan said...

Beth, I hadn't even thought of that! You are exactly right!!! I'm already on the bad list since I park in the fuel efficent spots. They'll really get me now!