Monday, June 14, 2010

I Can Now Add Guest Blogger to my Resume'

Lots of you know my former student/boy-BFF JD. If you don't know him, then you've probably read about him in my blog (he's the opera singer). JD is off to Europe in a few weeks to sing the title role in Elijah. (And even if he's not the title role, I'm saying that he is. But unlike my mom who just makes whatever I'm doing sound fabulous even if it isn't, I'm actually about 99% sure he is the title role.) Although JD hasn't left for Europe yet, (he's at "camp" in intensive rehearsals) he isn't allowed computer or phone access! *The Horror!* (Although I'm pretty sure he's snuck his phone in there since I've heard from him by Facebook and text.) JD lined up a few guest bloggers to take over his blog while he's away this summer, and I got to be the first one! In fact, I made my guest blogging debut today. (You can read it here.) If you like trying out new blogs JD's writing has always entertained me, and his successful foray into blogging doesn't disappoint!


GS said...

Congratualtions to JD for his role, how exciting. Will he take the traveling Ingys with him. Happy Birthday to a wonderfully great and very special person!!!

Anonymous said...

The picture was a-may-zing, but what is even MORE a-may-zing is that you, JD, and Daddy all survived CJH. MR