Friday, September 24, 2010

Witch Legs Have Never Looked Sexier

Being that I live in a Target and Hobby Lobby free town,
(Have I mentioned that in the last week? Just wanted to make sure you hadn't forgotten.)
I find myself shopping at Pier 1 more than I ever have in my life. (Which really isn't all that much, since I'm pretty sure I'd never even been in a Pier 1 before I moved here.)  And being that I'm now a Pier 1 frequent flyer, I've landed the coveted position of being on their email distribution list.  I never really look at their emails, but since they were advertising Halloween decor, I thought I'd give the latest one a look-see. 
And here's the picture that greeted me.

Now see that cute little table with the witch legs? 
I bought that on clearance after Christmas last year.  The witch leg table was brought home amongst trees, Santas, and all sorts of glittery Christmas decor fabulousness, so it was pretty much just a sad, little afterthought. 
Until tonight.
I checked the price on the witch leg table (happy to see I was still in style) and saw Pier 1 is selling it for $35.
And that's when "happy" turned into an all out happy dance, because I paid $2.99 for that table!
You can be sure I'll be rocking my $35 Pier 1 witch leg table with pride right out on the front porch. 
(Which will, of course, be documented for you.)


fary!! said...

nice blog.. =)

Anonymous said...

that is TOO cute! looking forward to your pix! (love those bargains)