Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bikers and Babes

It's Biker Weekend here in Durango, and much to all of my boys' excitement, we've seen motorcycles everywhere we've gone. Right after church we rushed down to Main Street to watch the classic car and motorcycle parade. Could there be a more perfect parade for boys?

JR with his friends (and our neighbors) Alex and Jacob. JR is wearing his "Ride Yellowstone" T-shirt so he was ready to "blend in".

And whether I wanted them to blend, or I was just outright costuming them, here are Kyle and Reed in their biker-wear.

Kyle's tongue is out in pure concentration...He was trying to wave his flag with one hand and wave to the bikers with the other...all the while being completely focused on the motorcycles.

The parade was so big I actually have pictures of the highlights! (my highlights anyway)

Full costuming including fabulous it!

Lots of bike riding dogs, some even had their own seats on the back. I loved how this one was "leashed up".

Pink flags. 'Nuff said.

The kids got a big kick out of Cone Head.

And it just wouldn't be Durango with out Hula-hoop Lady. Yes, that is her name. And yes, that is her job. She walks around Durango selling the hula-hoops she makes. I guess the upside of being a quasi small town celebrity is you're insured a ride in the motorcycle parade.


Anonymous said...

Now that's a parade. You and Jason should have ridden your motorcycle in it. Love the head rags. MR

Shelly said...

Hula Hoop Lady frequents the farmer's market as well. Norah is DESPERATE for one of the kid-sized ones. I just can't bring myself to pay $20 extra for a hula hoop because it's covered in decorative electrical tape. Even if she is (as she insists) an artist selling one of a kind pieces.

GS said...

Looks like quite an event! I cannot believe Kyle didn't have his tractor there for the parade - he could have soooo blended in. Love the bandanas.