Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Sit-Down with Hobby Lobby

Soooo, Hobby Lobby, let's have a little chat, shall we.
Now, you know I love you. You are truly one of my favorite stores. But I've got a real issue here. Besides having no reasonably priced flocked Christmas tress, (And by 'reasonably priced' I mean, priced where Jason wouldn't notice anything out of the ordinary on the credit card bill so he wouldn't notice the new flocked tree hiding in the garage. And no, I'm not hiding spending money from him, I'm hiding the actual Christmas trees!) you have also blatantly discriminated against my kind.
And what would 'my kind' be exactly?
Frequent jazz hands user?
Fan of feathers and sparkles?
First one to suggest costumes for the slightest of occasions?
Well, yes.
But, Hobby Lobby, you have those demographics covered. 'The kind' I'm talking about are those of us with "I" last names. Because apparently, Hobby Lobby, you don't think we I-people are worthy enough to supply for.

Case and point:

What's that letter that seems to be missing? The letter that comes between 'H' and 'J'?
Oh that's right.
It's "I"!
I guess we I-people don't like decorative initial pumpkins.
Well that would be where you are wrong, Hobby Lobby. I would love a decorative initial pumpkin! And if it weren't for your amazing fabulosity in every other way, I'd be deciding who would be the recipient of my first phone call. Nancy Grace? Geraldo? Gloria Allred?
Consider this your warning, Hobby Lobby. I'm watching you...and the prices of your flocked Christmas trees.


Miss. Jinny said...

Seriously you make my day I love reading your posts because you make me laugh so hard! :) Maybe there are just a lot of I people out there who have bought all the I ones lol! :)

Tiffany said...

Oh my goodness you make me giggle. I cannot believe you are already thinking about Christmas decor. Katrina was mad that they were already putting Haloween candy in the grocery store.

Shelly said...

I love that purely as a result of the content of this post, there is now an ad for Christmas trees on you sidebar... in September.

Joseph said...

for the love of everything sacred please not Nancy Grace

Friedt Family said...

I'm with Joseph, PLEASE not Nancy Grace! I will however do my part in visiting our local Hobby Lobby (conveniently located just 3 blocks from my house) and registering the public's disapproval of their blatant disregard for the "I"s!!