Sunday, September 19, 2010

I Scream for Ice Cream (Literally)

JR wanted to enter a Cupcake Wars contest we saw advertised in town. Since he likes to cook, and my cupcakes are usually pretty good, I thought it would be a fun thing to do together. I saw these ice cream cone cupcake in a magazine and ours actually came out looking just like the picture.

Now before anybody gets excited, you'll notice I said ours came out "looking just like the picture." Because these are far and away the worst tasting cupcakes I've ever put in my mouth. You have to bake them in the cones, and I don't know if the batter in the cones is just too much for the high altitude or what, but....BLEH! Every batch was either overcooked to the consistency of a rock, or almost burnt on top with a raw inside.

JR was still excited about them, and I figured since we'd gone to all that work to make them we'd just go ahead and enter them. But getting the cupcakes to the contest was harder than I ever could have imagined. We finally had JR holding 2, Jason driving and holding 2, Ayi holding 3 or 4 and me trying to manage the rest. By the time we got there we had all dropped them, smushed them, or crushed them until they looked as bad as they tasted.
JR asked me this morning when we'd find out if he won. Bless his heart.


Anonymous said...

Way to go Ingy family! I applaud your efforts to enter the cupcake contest. They look great--sounds like high altitude cooking got the upper hand on you. Tell JR to keep on cooking!
Love, Lu

Anonymous said...

I think you should get a medal for even trying!!! Maybe they were better than anyone else's----the others maybe had problems too!!


GS said...

They ARE pretty cupcakes and if looks could just win - oh well, I give JR the gold medal for optimism!