Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Homeland Security Mugshot

Who in the world writes a blog post about getting passport pictures made? Um, that would be me. Because who would have believed what a process snapping a headshot would be?!

I thought it was going to be one of the easiest things we'd ever done since Kyle and Reed both hopped right up on the stool and were happy to pose. As they smiled their big, precious, toothy smiles I thought 'Oh, I know the photographer is happy this is going so well.'

But, no.

How could it possibly be that easy?

Who knew that kids aren't allowed to smile in passport photos? Well, I guess they can smile, but they have to keep their mouths closed.

I'm sure you can imagine me behind the photographer tying to help: "Look at me! Close your mouth!" Do this!" ('this' being me standing there trying to have a blank expression on my face.)

Kyle's solution to closing his mouth was to put both hands right over it. (Sort of a "speak no evil" pose.) Reed's was to make a kissing face. (Neither of which are allowed.) The photo guy was telling me how strict they are about kids passport pictures. That's great, terrorists can jump on airplanes no problem, but my 2-year-olds need to have their "mugshot smiles" just right to leave and enter the country.

Thankfully we finally got a "legal" finished project.


Tiffany said...

Luckily, when we got our passport photos, all three girls were grumpy. Well, Katrina & Madison were grumpy. Violet was two weeks old and didn't care.

I have always wondered why jazz hands were never allowed.

GS said...

Considering that would be totally opposite of what they normally do for pictures, I think they are right good pictures. Hair is combed, nice and neat and mouths are closed - YEAH! They look like they are about 5 years old, who would think that taking the cute smiles away would age them. Teaches this ole granny something about keeping the smile on.

Jill said...

I had no idea they couldn't smile. Here we tell them from birth to smile in pictures and then we go and change the rules on them. Poor guys :) Glad they did well. They are adorable!