Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I know my title seems harmless and nondescript, but it's actually making me giggle. I used to teach a girl name Routine, which always struck me as funny. That happened to also be the year I taught Chrishieka, Princess, and DeJourna (pronounced "Del-jour-nay". And no, I didn't spell her name wrong, it didn't have an 'l' in it. Luckily I was so distracted looking for the new "E can also make an L sound" grammar rule that it kept my focus off "Routine". )

Anyway, we've settled into our new school-time routine (*giggle*) quite nicely. JR's favorite activity by far is still Cub Scouts. But we're giving two new things a try. JR is taking piano lessons and also a hiphop/break dancing class. Of course I couldn't be more thrilled that he wants to learn to dance, but I'm not so jazzed (pun intended) about piano. He's been begging to take since last year, so I have finally given in. I remember the piano lessons of my youth with about as much fondness as math tests, so we'll see how it goes.

Kyle and Reed have started up gymnastics after a break this summer, and though it's hard for me to snap a picture with the two of them constantly running, jumping, hanging and rolling, they did stay in this position long enough for documentation.

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Joseph said...

oh routine, you so crazy