Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Photo Booth

We had our annual Christmas Open House this weekend.
We did it a little different from past years, and only invited our close friends.

I set up my camera on the tripod for a makeshift photo both since I never seem to get pictures of the party.

 And I'm so glad I did!

JR was my tester. I figured if an 8 year old could do it, we adults could figure it out!

The 3 Amigos
(I've told you before Kylie is 6 ft tall, but this might be the first time you could see it.
And you can be sure Cassidy and I are wearing heels!)

Brad and Jason
(Of course I had a selection of hats to choose from for props.)

Shelly and Mark 
You can see all Shelly's pics from the party over at her blog.

Niki and Coy
  I'm still so confused why the Tech graduates didn't want to wear the UT and A&M Santa hats.  Hummmm.....

Liz and Melissa

more Liz with Steven

We didn't get a picture of everybody (we had 19 guests), but I got waayyy more than I have other years!  (Especially since I've never taken any before.)


GS said...

Now that will get you in the Christmas spirit! Looks like another successful party and a good time was had by all.

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