Sunday, December 4, 2011

Serious Situation

Jason's office had their annual kids Christmas party at Big Bounce this weekend.
The kids were having a great time, and were loving bouncing, golfing, eating pizza/popcorn/slushies

Santa walked in.

I said, "Kyle, Look! Santa's here!"
And that's when Kyle hit the deck.
And when I say "hit the deck", I literally mean he dove under a chair and assumed the Texas tornado drill position.

But come to find out, Kyle's not really that scared of Santa.
He was just embarrassed to see him since he's on the naughty list.

You see, we've been doing Elf on the Shelf, and if you touch the elf you're automatically on the naughty list.
JR and Reed wouldn't touch that elf with a ten foot pole.
Of course, not only has Kyle touched it, he actually body slammed it to the floor and had a full on wrestling match with it.
We finally convinced Kyle we could get him off the naughty list, and Kyle decided the embarrassment of facing Santa was totally worth it if he could get a candy cane out of the deal.
(Mr. and Mrs. Claus are actual Exterran employees. 
Santa dyes his beard just for this party!)


Anonymous said...

Body slammed it to the floor, you say? Funny. Christmas DOES bring out the serious situations. MR

GS said...

Cute story. I believe his father did something similar one year when he had to tell santa he had taken a pack of gum from the store when mom was too busy doing something and not listening to his request to buy it. Of course, my guilt led me to take full responsiblity for that later.